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    A robot playing chess

    Chess is a centuries old game. Everyone has played it before. The rules are quite simple, yet there are endless ways it can be played. It was not until 1996 that a machine, IBMs deep blue, could beat a human player at chess. It took a whole team of highly skilled engineers to accomplish the task, and the pieces still had to be moved by hand.

    Today computers are lightyears ahead of Deep Blue. Still, chessbots are not commonly available, because of the complexity of recognising and handling physical chess pieces. However, the romtec robotics chessbot demonstrates, that automation solutions for complex tasks are becoming more and more tangible.

    The times when robotic systems were only available to companies with extraordinary budgets and expertise are now over. The chessbot is available for CHF 20’000. And with it, many other complex tasks have become automatable at reasonable cost. This is the beginning of automation for all.

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